Service & Payment Information


  • Standard Consultation: Less than 15 minutes.
  • Extended Consultation: Less than 30 minutes.
  • Comprehensive Consultation: Less than 45 minutes.


We are a private billing practice and fees are payable at the time of consultation.

***Please Note - TAC & WORKCOVER PATIENTS must settle the account on the day.


Effective: 2nd October, 2020

Normal Business Hours:

  • Standard Consultation: $79.00
  • Extended Consultation: $115.00
  • Comprehensive Consultation: $160.00

After 6PM and on Saturdays:

  • Standard Consultation: $89.00
  • Extended Consultation: $125.00
  • Comprehensive Consultation: $170.00

*** Missed Appointments without providing notice of cancellation will be charged a $30 fee ***

If you would like to self-isolate and do not meet the Bulk Billing criteria, EHMC can offer Private Telehealth as below.


  • Telehealth Private Fee Consult:  $60.00
  • Telehealth Private Fee Long Consult:  $100.00

***One of our friendly receptionists will call you within 5-10 minutes of the conclusion of your consult to arrange payment via credit card ***


Only the following patients will be Bulk-Billed:

  • Age above 75 
  • Age below 16
  • Valid Pension Card Holders
  • Valid Health Care Card Holders
  • Appointments made solely to have Immunisations, Desensitisation injections, Hormone injections, Vitamin injections or a course of Antibiotic Injections
  • Appointments made to have an Enhanced Primary Care Plan or review
  • Preparation of a Mental Health Care Plan or review
  • Wound dressing or Burns dressings reviews (when patients supply own dressing materials).

***Please note - Bulk billing is only between the hours of 8:30AM and 4:00PM (Monday to Friday).